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PCIe3.0X16 to 4XM.2(M-Key) Adapter card ,IO-PEX40152

Supports PCIe x16 slot,Support PCIe 3.1,3.0, PCIe 2.0 motherboard,Compliant with PCI Express M.2 specification 1.0,1.1,Supports data transfer up to 2.5Gb(250MB/s),5Gb(500MB/s),8Gb(1GB/s),Supports 2230, 2242, 2260, 2280 size NVMe SSD.


Input InterfacePCIe

Output InterfaceM.2

Motherboard SlotPCIe

Transmission Rate128Gb/s

Auxiliary AccessoriesMounting material,Screwdriver,self-adhesive thermal pad

Product Size203.7x110.8mm

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